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I Have a Dirty Secret

I have a dirty secret.   I take a 20-minute power nap every day.   Let me explain. I’ve spent my entire life working in

A Tush Push Into the Ride of Your Life

Recently, I shared how you can easily start to create a new life just by changing your thoughts.   I’ve also spoken about goal-setting and

Moving Through the Middle – And Exciting News!

You feel “stuck”.  Moving backwards isn’t an option. Going sideways feels pointless. And “up” seems out of reach, overwhelming, or undesired. My badass client, Rachel,

Moving Through the Middle Podcast

“Why Coaching?”- Feb 6, 2023 In this episode, Shayna joins her client, Rachel, to share what coaching is and what it isn’t. They also talk

New York University Presentation

“5 Ways to Cure Your Imposter Syndrome” – February 2023 New York University invited me to speak to their Mid-Career Alumni Network about Imposter Syndrome.

One Direction You’re Not Taking

I recently saw Harry Styles perform in concert, and something he said struck me. Toward the end of the concert and in between songs, he

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