A Tale of Two Clients

I’m always grateful for your feedback and insights on my posts, and today, I’m responding to a request to share some intriguing client stories. Take a moment to ponder: do you see echoes of yourself in these clients’ experiences?


(Names and specific details have been changed to protect privacy and confidentiality)


Meet Reign.


Reign is a high-powered partner at one of the nation’s most prestigious accounting firms. He’s the embodiment of success and a family man with a penchant for luxury. On paper, he’s achieved it all – career, milestones, material possessions, and a picture-perfect life.


But beneath the surface, he’s grappling with an unshakable sense of discontent and anxiety. Is this a mid-life crisis? He’s not sure. With each promotion, his restlessness grows. Reign is on a quest to redefine his personal version of success, to leave a legacy that matters, and to prioritize what truly holds meaning for him.


He doesn’t want to live a life with any regrets. Yet, the allure of a bigger house, lavish vacations, and fancy cars persists. He’s torn between embracing a more meaningful, less conventional path and the comforts of his current lifestyle. The opinions of family, friends and colleagues weighs heavily on his mind.


Then there’s Emily.


She’s an ambitious, Type-A go-getter with her sights set on a CEO position. Her family life is structured, complete with a nanny for the kids, allowing her time to chase her corporate dreams with unwavering focus.


Although she yearns for more time with her children, Emily sees her professional journey as a testament to women’s potential. Her no-nonsense approach is her armor in a corporate world traditionally dominated by men. Her goals are crystal clear, and she’s determined to outshine her peers.


For Emily, the corporate game is intoxicating, and she’s more than willing to dive headfirst into it, thanks to the support she receives at home.


Where is Reign in his process?


Reign and I are exploring his inner desires and uncovering his true values. He realized that his inclination towards luxury is often a cover for self-doubt, offering temporary boosts to his self-worth. While he’s always dreamed of writing a book, he’s been hesitant due to career concerns. However, he’s now revising his financial plans to lead a more modest lifestyle and pursue his writing ambitions. He’s even informed his boss about a potential sabbatical or resignation, receiving significant support. He’s established a timeline for accountability and is open to adjustments as our work together fosters self-reflection and a deeper understanding of his best self.


And Emily?


Emily’s nanny just resigned, prompting her and her husband to share childcare duties. Concerned about her kids growing up too fast, she’s reevaluating her priorities. While her CEO goal still stands, she’s now seeking a better work-life balance and considering leaving her 20-year employer to be a more present parent. We’re strengthening her outreach, networking, and connections as she pursues a new path aligning with her aspirations. Her strong sense of accountability remains, but our focus has shifted towards ensuring she designs a life that truly fulfills her, not just chasing titles.


These stories represent just a glimpse of the diverse clientele I serve. They come from all walks of life. There’s no universal formula, no one-size-fits-all solution, and certainly no judgment here. My role is to create a safe space for my clients to explore their desires, encourage them to stretch beyond their perceived limits, and help them attain their goals while gaining invaluable self-awareness along the way.


The journey isn’t always straightforward, it can be emotional, but it’s consistently exciting, fun, and immensely rewarding. Most importantly, it’s life-altering.


So, are you ready for your own transformative journey?

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