A Tush Push Into the Ride of Your Life

Recently, I shared how you can easily start to create a new life just by changing your thoughts.


I’ve also spoken about goal-setting and a new way to think about your goals.


I hear you, I hear you.


But it’s hard. It’s scary. I can’t. This way is FIIIIIIINNNNEE enough.


All of my clients, and I mean ALL of my clients, are doing something new – always exciting, and sometimes scary. Some are in the early stages. Some are further along, but EVERYONE is in motion.


Think about when you’re riding a bike, and how getting your foot to push the pedal around for the first time, before you have momentum, can feel hard. My kids often need what I call a “tush push” to get started.


Here’s my “tush push” for you today.


Whatever your “thing” is that feels hard or exciting or scary… try thinking of it like an experiment.


You’re afraid to have a difficult conversation? Just experiment and see how it goes. You’re curious about taking on a new role? Just experiment – it doesn’t have to be forever. You’re not sure how that proposal will land? Experiment anyways and tweak it as needed. You’ve never “let go” of being the boss in every part of your life because holding on for dear life feels like the only way? Just experiment with letting go a little.


What’s the worst that could happen? Now REALLY, what’s the REAL worst thing that can happen?


When you experiment, you make a hypothesis of what you THINK will happen, and then you get curious and try it out, testing possibilities. Sometimes you’re right. Sometimes you’re wrong. Every time you learn so that you can tweak and try a different way if needed. Think of the feedback you get as data – it can be that simple. It’s just data! Data provides information so we can decide where to go next.


I’m not telling you to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. I’m simply wondering what it would be like to play and experiment in order to collect a little data.


Ready? 1, 2, 3, TUSH PUSH!


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