As Far as the “I” Can Ski

My family and I spent this past weekend skiing with some good friends. Don’t be fooled. I’m not a “skier” but I can French fries and pizza with the best of ‘em!

For those of you who ski ski, you understand the laser focus required as you navigate through the throngs of skiers, trees, and various obstacles. It’s all about fixating on the white space—the path ahead. You’re not chanting to yourself “avoid the tree avoid the tree avoid the tree!”. If you were focused on the tree, guess where you’d head? Straight into that damn tree.

And you make decisions about where to go based on where you’re headed. You know which ski lift to take, which trail to follow, who to go around and when to speed up or slow down. In other words, when you know what you want, you make decisions that lead you to that place.

Just like a skilled skier, achieving your goals hinges on knowing exactly where you want to go. You need to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

What do you want?

A new job? A bigger house? More balance? A promotion?

When you know what you want, your decisions become so much easier. How you think about where to spend your time becomes obvious.

Then you start making decisions with what you want in mind.

But guess what? Far too often, your decisions are dictated by the looming trees, the crowd, and the hurdles obstructing your path. You let self-imposed limitations, external pressures, and fears steer you, rather than forging ahead with the clarity and determination of a downhill skier.  

What you want shouldn’t be based on your perceived capabilities or what society deems attainable. Nor should it be dictated by others’ expectations or societal norms. Your aspirations should be rooted in you—your passions, your dreams, your ambitions. It’s your life, after all.

Enough with the comparisons.  Stop making decisions consciously or subconsciously based on how you see yourself in relation to other people. Don’t worry about anyone else’s decisions. Focus EVERYTHING you have on what you want to be, do and have.

Unsure of what you want? Let’s talk and figure out together how to get there. Hope to “ski” you soon!!

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