Big Weekend Energy (BWE): An Antidote to the Sunday Scaries

Early in my career, I experienced what I dubbed “Motivated Mondays.”


I worked at a dynamic startup that was fueled by a culture of constant learning and empowerment. I was surrounded by innovative minds. I was free to express myself and take risks.


Instead of dreading Mondays, like a lot of people do, I eagerly anticipated them.


I did eventually change companies. Life evolved and responsibilities increased.


Then I found myself succumbing to the infamous “Sunday Scaries.” The anticipation of the week ahead often filled me with a palpable sense of dread, overshadowing weekends that should have been a time of relaxation and rejuvenation with family and friends.


To cope, I often found myself preemptively diving into work on Sundays, as if trying to acclimatize myself to the impending storm. The hamster wheel of work, stress, and fleeting weekends became the norm I just accepted as “adulthood.”


But as many of you know by now, thanks to some courage and the spark of a dream, I created a space for myself where work and life intertwined harmoniously.


No longer did I allow myself to be plagued by Sunday dread or find myself desperate for Monday motivation. Instead, I actively sought out opportunities to blend my professional and personal spheres, infusing joy into each day. I made a deliberate choice to reclaim ownership of my time and experiences.


Reflecting on my journey and that of many of my clients, I’ve distilled five strategies to cure the Sunday Scaries:


1.    Prioritize weekends/vacations: Recognize the value of leisure time and question the necessity of sacrificing it for work. Reevaluate what’s most important in your life, acknowledging the sacrifices made for professional commitments. If you’re a regular weekend warrior because it’s a necessity, ask yourself, “But is it REALLY?”

2.    Foster integration: Inject excitement into the workweek by incorporating enjoyable activities. Despite juggling a full-time job and being a parent, I ensure there’s something to look forward to each day, infusing Big Weekend Energy into every day.

3.    Alter your perspective: Challenge the severity of work-related anxieties by trying on a new outlook. While shifting perspectives demands effort, it offers a fresh lens through which to view job-related stresses. How much bigger are you making your work stresses than they really are? How else can you view what’s happening?

4.     Consider alternatives: Acknowledge that change is an option, even in the face of the golden handcuffs. Despite the risks associated with leaving a secure job, the prospect of liberation from perpetual dread may outweigh the perceived safety.

5.     Seek support: Reject the notion of Sunday Scaries as an inevitable facet of life. Instead, explore avenues to embrace Mondays with enthusiasm or, at the very least, alleviate the dread. Engage in conversations to navigate through these emotions, reclaiming control over the narrative.


Let’s talk about it!


So, bid farewell to the Sunday Scaries and embrace a new life where Mondays signify possibilities rather than pitfalls. Let’s reclaim our weekends and rediscover the joy in Big Weekend Energy every day.

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