Break Free from Old Habits: How to Overcome Your Brain’s Resistance to Change

I recently spoke with a client who was frustrated by how hard it was to adopt a new way of operating. He wanted so badly to do things differently. He saw the benefits of changing his current approach and knew it would have a huge impact on his ultimate goal. He’d give it a go for a week, then slide back into his old ways. He’d make new plans and then revert to his previous habits.


What was the real issue? Himself! I bet you can relate. Maybe it’s the gym membership that’s gathering dust. Maybe it’s actually taking your days off instead of burning out. Maybe it’s pausing before unloading frustration on your team over things beyond their control. Or maybe it’s saying no to something you usually say yes to because it gets you closer to what you really want.


Here’s the thing. Your brain is designed to resist change. That’s right. It likes what it knows and will do everything to keep things the same. Any deviation feels weird and uncomfortable, making it easier to fall back into old patterns.  And it’s going to be so much easier to keep doing what you’ve always done. And guess what? That keeps you stuck where you’ve always been.


It’s time to combat your monkey brain and instead:


-Tap into the version of yourself that is willing to fight for what you want.

-Tap into the version of yourself that is willing to hold yourself accountable.

-Tap into the version of yourself that is willing to sit with the discomfort when it feels too hard.

-Tap into the version of yourself that is willing to remind yourself what you really want and why it’s important.

-Tap into the version of yourself that I KNOW is in there. I see it every day. And I don’t work with superhumans. I work with normal, regular, everyday people. I’m a normal, regular, everyday person, too, with a few extra tools in my toolbelt.


You ready to get to work?


Let’s go!

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