Burnout is NOT a Symptom of Success

Donny was always busy. Busy busy busy. “How are you, Don?” I’d ask. “So busy. So much to do. Let’s make it quick. Arghhh…”


If you met Donny, you’d probably say he’d made it. He’s part of the leadership team at his firm running a massive team. His calendar is booked up through 2024. He’s a dad. He makes good money. He likes and buys nice things. He enjoys nice vacations (if he can find the time to take them).


Yet, Don isn’t truly happy or fulfilled. Sure, he has moments of happiness. He has glimmers of feeling successful. But he’s almost entirely burnt out. To a crisp. 


And here’s the thing: he views that burnout as a sign of his success. That he’s “in demand”.


Slowing down, he thinks, is a sign someone’s struggling.


The World Health Organization includes burnout in their classification of DISEASE! “Burnout syndrome” is chronic workplace stress that isn’t able to be managed.  Feelings of burnout include exhaustion, cynical or negative feelings about one’s job, and being less effective.


My clients who’ve experienced burnout (or have been close) will often cite physical symptoms such as migraines or back pain, increased tension in relationships (hello leftovers!), questioning “what’s it all for?” and brain fog.


If this sounds like you, it might be time to ask yourself some questions. Challenge yourself with the idea that motion doesn’t always mean movement


Here are 5 questions you might want to consider to kickstart this journey for yourself:


1)    Does a “successful” day leave me feeling drained or fueled?

2)    What about my current situation is fueling me?

3)    What about my current situation is draining me?

4)    Am I living my definition of success, or someone else’s?

5)    Do I find it harder to find purpose and meaning in less busy moments?


There are ways to experience more personal success, with less fatigue. I can show you. Let’s connect.


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