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‘Baby’ Steps to Success: Part 2

Last year, I shared information about the most driven and successful people I’ve ever encountered. If you need a refresher, they sometimes poop their pants.

Burnout is NOT a Symptom of Success

Donny was always busy. Busy busy busy. “How are you, Don?” I’d ask. “So busy. So much to do. Let’s make it quick. Arghhh…”  

A Title Doesn’t Make a Leader

Let me tell you about the greatest leader I’ve ever worked with. He walked the talk. He didn’t say anything he wasn’t willing to do.

The High Performer’s Dilemma

Let me tell you about Fiona. Fiona is a “success” story. Pretty much everyone in her life agrees that she’s made it. She’s got the

What Are You Putting Up With?

There’s a saying based on an old Chinese proverb — “The best time to start doing what you really want was ten years ago. The second best time to start is today.”

Progress Not Perfection

It’s the end of March. We’re already a quarter of the way through the year.   How are you progressing toward your 2023 goals? Did

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