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What happens in Vegas…

This week, I’m back in Vegas! This time, however, it’s much less work and much more pleasure (although let’s be honest – I LOVE what

Shoot Your Shot

I see you. You’re doing everything for everyone, pulled in a million directions, with no time for yourself or your loved ones. Every day feels

Recognition: A Client Story

Today I’m going to share a client story – at the request of many of you who’ve told me you find these helpful! It’s a


What’s occupying your thoughts right now? What’s causing you to spend time anxiously obsessing? Where have you been directing your attention? As Tony Robbins often

The Glass Half Full (of shit)

Thanks to a member of this community for sharing this topic idea! Welcome to what I affectionately call the “#blessed generation” – yes, you’re a

Have You Ever Wished for an Accident?

“Sometimes I wish I’d get into a car accident so that I could have some time without anyone bothering me. I wouldn’t want it to

The Secret to Success

The most frequent question I get from people I speak with is this: What’s the secret to success? Now, baked into this question are a

Your Unlimited Potential: A Pep Talk

My high school guidance counselor once categorized certain colleges as “stretch schools” for me.  It seemed like an innocuous, even pragmatic, piece of guidance at

Embracing Imperfect Action

Do you find yourself delaying tasks because you’re aiming for perfection? Ever catch yourself thinking, “If I can’t do it perfectly, why bother at all”?

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