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As Far as the “I” Can Ski

My family and I spent this past weekend skiing with some good friends. Don’t be fooled. I’m not a “skier” but I can French fries

I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 2

Last week, I shared how your mindset impacts how you view challenges, failures and what’s possible. A growth mindset, I explained, allows you to feel

I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 1

“I’m afraid I’ll fail.”   Every one of my clients has said this to me at some point. It’s a common theme that keeps us

No Shades of Gray

Last week, I dropped a classic piece of parenting wisdom on my 8-year-old daughter: “If you don’t study for your test, you won’t get into

How to Live Your Best Life

What does the IDEAL “you” look like?     When are you the most badass version of you?     What’s happening when you unleash

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