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Permission Granted

On my desk, there’s a simple piece of paper bearing a profound message: “Permission Granted to Shayna.”  Now, you might chuckle at the idea that

As Far as the “I” Can Ski

My family and I spent this past weekend skiing with some good friends. Don’t be fooled. I’m not a “skier” but I can French fries

How to Live Your Best Life

What does the IDEAL “you” look like?     When are you the most badass version of you?     What’s happening when you unleash

Hope Isn’t a Strategy

Consider what you truly want in life.   Personally, I’d imagine it might include a mix of love, companionship, good health, fun, travel, joy, meaning,

You Are Amazing!

How are you limiting yourself?   Really – take a minute and jot down the answer to this question.   –       Maybe you’re afraid people

To Tell or Not To Tell?

Most little kids want to be fire fighters, veterinarians, teachers, etc. when they grow up. Not me. I wanted to help people live their best

Make a Decision Already!

The word “decision” comes from the Latin word decidere, which is actually two Latin words that have been combined: de, which means “off” and caedere

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