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A Day In My Life

I got the call when I was on vacation. And I had the flu. It didn’t feel like I’d have enough time to prep –

Shoot Your Shot

I see you. You’re doing everything for everyone, pulled in a million directions, with no time for yourself or your loved ones. Every day feels


What’s occupying your thoughts right now? What’s causing you to spend time anxiously obsessing? Where have you been directing your attention? As Tony Robbins often

Have You Ever Wished for an Accident?

“Sometimes I wish I’d get into a car accident so that I could have some time without anyone bothering me. I wouldn’t want it to

I Wanted to Hurl My Phone Across the Room

I know something about you. You’re feeling overwhelmed, constantly juggling it all with what feels like diminishing time. The pressure to perform is intense, leaving

How To Empower Yourself in Draining Situations

As an Energy Leadership expert, I help my clients understand how their energy determines their experiences and shapes their interactions. So today, let’s talk about

How to Live Your Best Life

What does the IDEAL “you” look like?     When are you the most badass version of you?     What’s happening when you unleash

The Pleasure of the “Aha” Face

You know the concept of the “O” face, a term often associated with pleasure and climax. Before you deem this post NSFW, hang with me.

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