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What happens in Vegas…

This week, I’m back in Vegas! This time, however, it’s much less work and much more pleasure (although let’s be honest – I LOVE what

Shoot Your Shot

I see you. You’re doing everything for everyone, pulled in a million directions, with no time for yourself or your loved ones. Every day feels

Embracing Imperfect Action

Do you find yourself delaying tasks because you’re aiming for perfection? Ever catch yourself thinking, “If I can’t do it perfectly, why bother at all”?

As Far as the “I” Can Ski

My family and I spent this past weekend skiing with some good friends. Don’t be fooled. I’m not a “skier” but I can French fries

Hope Isn’t a Strategy

Consider what you truly want in life.   Personally, I’d imagine it might include a mix of love, companionship, good health, fun, travel, joy, meaning,

A Tale of Two Clients

I’m always grateful for your feedback and insights on my posts, and today, I’m responding to a request to share some intriguing client stories. Take

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