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Story Tonic: Activate Your Success Story

“How to Get the Energy Leadership Advantage” – September 2023 I had the distinct pleasure of joining fellow coaches Aliya Levinson, Rachel Kourakos and Michael Multari on Nathalie Pinchman’s Your Success Tonic Podcast. We

The Shift with Elena Agar

“Unleashing Potential: Conversations on Authentic Leadership?”- September 5, 2023 In this episode, Shayna and fellow 40 Under 40 recipient Elena Agaragimova discuss the profound transformations

New York University Presentation

“5 Ways to Cure Your Imposter Syndrome” – February 2023 New York University invited me to speak to their Mid-Career Alumni Network about Imposter Syndrome.

On the Brink Podcast

“What Could a Great Coach Help You Discover About Your Inner Self?” – December 2022 Andi Simon invited me onto her podcast to discuss how to live

Make It Visible Podcast

“5 Ways to Cure Your Imposter Syndrome” – October 2022 High achievers, top performers and leaders just like you have imposter syndrome, oftentimes more than

Everybody Pulls the Tarp Podcast

“Helping Leaders Reach Their Full Potential” – September 2022 Powerhouse Andrew Moses interviewed me to discuss overcoming modern leadership challenges, the magic in your misses,

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