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I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 2

Last week, I shared how your mindset impacts how you view challenges, failures and what’s possible. A growth mindset, I explained, allows you to feel

I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 1

“I’m afraid I’ll fail.”   Every one of my clients has said this to me at some point. It’s a common theme that keeps us

No Shades of Gray

Last week, I dropped a classic piece of parenting wisdom on my 8-year-old daughter: “If you don’t study for your test, you won’t get into

A Tale of Two Clients

I’m always grateful for your feedback and insights on my posts, and today, I’m responding to a request to share some intriguing client stories. Take

The Pleasure of the “Aha” Face

You know the concept of the “O” face, a term often associated with pleasure and climax. Before you deem this post NSFW, hang with me.

They’re Talking About You

Thanks to a member of this community for sharing this topic idea!   In the realm of leadership, there’s a conversation happening every day –

Make a Decision Already!

The word “decision” comes from the Latin word decidere, which is actually two Latin words that have been combined: de, which means “off” and caedere

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