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The Impact of One Call

Something profoundly moving happened this week. It resonated deeply with my core beliefs and the essence of why I’m dedicated to this work. I’ve always

I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 2

Last week, I shared how your mindset impacts how you view challenges, failures and what’s possible. A growth mindset, I explained, allows you to feel

I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 1

“I’m afraid I’ll fail.”   Every one of my clients has said this to me at some point. It’s a common theme that keeps us

A Tale of Two Clients

I’m always grateful for your feedback and insights on my posts, and today, I’m responding to a request to share some intriguing client stories. Take

You Are Amazing!

How are you limiting yourself?   Really – take a minute and jot down the answer to this question.   –       Maybe you’re afraid people

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