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The Impact of One Call

Something profoundly moving happened this week. It resonated deeply with my core beliefs and the essence of why I’m dedicated to this work. I’ve always

A Tale of Two Clients

I’m always grateful for your feedback and insights on my posts, and today, I’m responding to a request to share some intriguing client stories. Take

Today I Cried At Work

Today I cried at work. It’s not typical that tears well up at my desk, but these past few days have been an exception due

Every Last Morsel

Have you ever eaten something that was so delicious you wanted to scrape your fork with the prongs as parallel to the plate as they’d

The High Performer’s Dilemma

Let me tell you about Fiona. Fiona is a “success” story. Pretty much everyone in her life agrees that she’s made it. She’s got the

How to Maintain Boundaries with Bravery

As Brene Brown shares, “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” Discussions around boundary-setting are

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