What’s occupying your thoughts right now? What’s causing you to spend time anxiously obsessing? Where have you been directing your attention?

As Tony Robbins often emphasizes, “where focus goes, energy flows”.

If you’re spending your brain power on a worst-case scenario, or a fear you have, you’re wasting energy that could be going into creating incredible possibilities instead.

Let me share a story from my past corporate life that illustrates this point. I had a crucial presentation to the leadership team. Instead of channeling my energy into mastering the material and envisioning success, I dwelled on the worst-case scenarios (I was the queen of Imposter Syndrome with this particular presentation!). I wasted precious mental resources fretting over potential failure, rather than preparing effectively and projecting confidence.

The result? While I performed better than I expected, my lack of usual composure was noticed. I had diverted my focus away from my strengths, allowing self-doubt to overshadow my abilities.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, I get it, but isn’t it strategic to prepare for the worst-case scenario?”. Sort of. Here’s an example to explain it: I bring band-aids wherever I go. They’re always in my purse. I have two adventurous kids so I have to be prepared! However, I’m not anticipating that they’re going to get hurt. I’m focusing on the fun we’ll have together and know I have some back-up first aid if we need it!

It’s important not to anticipate what’s going to go wrong to the detriment of what could go right. Whatever you put your energy into grows. So, do you want to be focusing on and growing the problem? Or do you want to be focusing on and growing the ideal outcome?

Lesson learned: focus on the ideal outcome. Envision success vividly, draw inspiration from others’ achievements, and concentrate on the immediate steps that propel you forward. Dwelling on future uncertainties or past mistakes only serves as a distraction, not a roadmap to success.

It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious, but it’s essential to channel that energy constructively. Is it fueling your progress, or is it holding you back? If it’s the latter, it’s time to redirect your focus.

So, as you navigate your endeavors, remember the power of focus. It’s not just about where you direct your attention – it’s about how you harness that focus to drive you toward your goals.

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