From Duds to Vibrant Leaders: Unlocking the Power of Charismatic Leadership

I have the pleasure of coaching individuals and groups, and facilitating workshops. Recently, I led a leadership workshop for top leaders at a tech company undergoing significant strategic changes. The room was filled with frustration, disengagement, and skepticism—understandable given their recent upheaval.

Several c-suite members spoke, including the CEO, who was supposed to inspire and motivate.

Instead, he came in like a dud.

Imagine being exhausted from endless change and your leader shows up with no energy or vision.

Now, imagine the CEO walks in full of energy, bursting with vision and hope. They thank you for your efforts, articulate the future, and your role in it.

Imagine they even do the following:

Lead with vulnerability and humility – They acknowledge challenges, share how they’ve worked through them, and view failures as growth opportunities.

Listen and demonstrate they’ve heard your concerns – They show they’re working to address them.

Display honesty – They’re clear about what they’re doing and why. They’re transparent in both good times and struggles.

Showcase determination – They invite team input and show how persistence looks, even in stressful times.

Communicate with connection, charm, and compassion – They know you, understand you, highlight accomplishments, and recognize your human needs without getting wrapped up in drama.

Create with confidence – They dream of what’s possible, showing what once seemed impossible that’s now in operation. They show inner strength and confidence in themselves and in you.

Wrapping up the workshop, I emphasized these transformative leadership qualities. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being present, genuine, and committed to growth. When leaders embody these traits, they inspire and turn challenges into opportunities. Imagine if every leader adopted this approach — propelling their teams and organizations to new heights.

And those of you who are parents? Go back and read this list and look at it how it applies to how you lead your family, too.

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