From Vision to Victory: A Guide to Getting What You Want

This weekend, I led a vision board workshop at Be Hive Wellness, a hub for holistic well-being.


In preparing for the workshop, I came to realize that visually clarifying desires is something I’d actually been doing for most of my life. I just hadn’t realized it.


Instead of using foamboard, scissors and glue, I’d been clipping, storing and revisiting images and words over the years that spoke to me in other ways. And so many of those squirreled-away items had become expressions of my current reality.


Here’s an example: at 15 years old on a family trip, a table setting at Harrods in London caught my eye. I certainly wasn’t there shopping for dishes, but the beauty, for some reason, called to me. I grabbed a catalog and clipped the picture of the dishes out of it. That image traveled with me from homes in Atlanta to Washington, DC to Paris to New York, resurfacing over the years. A decade ago, those dishes showed up at my house, in the form of a wedding gift.


Here’s another: I recently discovered while cleaning out my garage, that for years I’d been cutting out articles and images tied to people starting their own businesses. See what I mean?


It doesn’t have to be limited to images on paper either. Athletes, like Tiger Woods, use visualization to enhance performance. Envisioning what’s possible allows the brain to create new neural pathways (this is the basis of neuroplasticity!). These new or reformed pathways cause us to feel differently, think differently, and act differently.


I used to think vision boards were just adult-themed arts and crafts, but there’s a powerful and meaningful exercise underneath the foam-core and magazine clippings.


By moving from attention to intention, you can both consciously and subconsciously align to what you want.


Our thoughts shape our feelings which impact our behaviors. When we simply shift our view from what we can’t have, can’t be, or can’t do… to what we CAN, new possibilities can emerge. We can feel inspired and motivated and take actions that get us closer to what we envision for ourselves.


So, even if you weren’t at my workshop, I want to extend an invitation to explore this concept on your own terms. Consider how visioning can enrich your successes. Start by finding visual representations of what you want and keep them in sight. It’s a small step that could lead to significant transformations.


I do a much more in-depth vision exercise with my clients. In fact, one of them just this week watched part of her vision from a year ago become reality (shoutout to Mandy!).


Are you ready to envision what’s possible for you?


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