Have You Ever Wished for an Accident?

“Sometimes I wish I’d get into a car accident so that I could have some time without anyone bothering me. I wouldn’t want it to be too bad but bad enough that I was in a hospital bed and didn’t have to do anything at home, and I could take a break from work.”

“Oh my gosh, me too. I never wanted to say it out loud because I thought people would judge me, but I’ve totally wished for the same thing.”


That’s a real exchange between real working parents during a real adult education class I attend.  


I have to admit, I’ve had the same feeling a few times in my life. I bet you have, too.


If you’re feeling uneasy about these kinds of thoughts, remember: it’s okay. Emotions are complex. Sometimes, they’re a messy blend, hence the invention of waterproof mascara. But I digress…


I’ve been in their shoes, juggling multiple responsibilities. Feeling so overwhelmed you’d do practically anything to get a break. Anything. While I can still get “overwhelmed”, my approach has evolved. I operate with greater intentionality and conscious choice.


And it’s changed my life.


Imagine if you could, too. What if you could reshape your worldview and craft the personal and professional life you envision? What if you could tap into your untapped potential and engage with confidence and motivation?


I teach a transformative concept called the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership to my clients and organizations, which is designed to supercharge leadership skills, unlock hidden potential, provide clarity, confidence, and strategies to overcome challenges – and overwhelm! – at work and home.


Here’s how it can help you:


Self-Awareness: Gain insights into your energy levels, attitudes, and beliefs for deeper self-understanding and better decision-making.


Leadership Development: Understand how your energy impacts your ability to lead yourself and others.


Improved Communication: Adapt your communication style based on energy levels for better relationships and teamwork.


Stress Reduction and Resilience: Identify stress triggers and learn techniques to reduce stressors and build resilience.


Personal and Professional Growth: Set goals and align energy and behaviors for continuous growth.


Curious to learn more? Don’t resign yourself to wishing for a minor accident or enduring unfulfilling moments. If you’re striving to be an exceptional parent and leader, reach out to me or check it out here.

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