Hope Isn’t a Strategy

Consider what you truly want in life.


Personally, I’d imagine it might include a mix of love, companionship, good health, fun, travel, joy, meaning, and, of course, an impeccably organized collection of all your kids’ Lego sets, each piece in its place. (ok, maybe that last bit is just my own crazy desires!)


On the professional front, I’d envision you might aspire to a career with purpose, leveraging your strengths, making an impact, perhaps contributing to the greater good, leaving a legacy, and enjoying financial wealth and freedom.


The burning question is: What concrete steps are you taking to make these visions a reality?


Success (your version!) is a blend of effort, determination, opportunity, and sometimes, a sprinkle of luck. Many of us harbor ambitions, yet what do we often do? We hope. We wish. We want. But we don’t act.


Just wanting to shed pounds won’t miraculously make it happen.


Staying in a soul-sucking job for two decades won’t lead to work-life integration without some kind of change.


An overflowing to-do list won’t magically clear itself without a mindset shift.


In reality, achieving anything worthwhile requires effort and action. Those who attain their desires are taking consistent, often small, steps over time – it’s not always giant leaps! It’s these repeated baby steps that culminate in massive action and change.


It all begins with belief – the belief that it’s possible. If you don’t believe, you won’t achieve. But hope? Well, that’s not a strategy.

Discovery Call

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