How To Empower Yourself in Draining Situations

As an Energy Leadership expert, I help my clients understand how their energy determines their experiences and shapes their interactions.

So today, let’s talk about draining & destructive energy, known as catabolic energy.

There are 7 Levels of Energy, from the work of Bruce D. Schneider, that I discuss with my clients and teams (you can read more about them here).  In this post, I want to focus on Level 2 –  the “I win/you lose” mindset, which is all about control and judgment. Trust? Forget about it. When in Level 2, it’s difficult to see outside of yourself. You tend to blame others as “the problem” and see yourself as “the only one who can do things correctly.” Sound familiar?

Even if you think, “That’s not me, usually” chances are you’ve dipped into this energy at some point.  In drama-filled situations. Needing to have the last word. Replaying situations in your mind. Unable to let things go.

Sure, you can get things done in this state. But it often comes with a cost. Actions and decisions tend to be fear-based, which can impact motivation and trust… and not in a good way. At work, it can impact productivity. Personally, it can hurt relationships.

You might feel powerful in your “rightness,” but if judgment and anger rule the day, you can blind yourself to the good others do, or you might simply intimidate them into submission.

Where and when does this energy show up for you?

Recognizing when you’re operating from Level 2 is the crucial first step. Instead of clinging to control and being right, consider if a different approach might serve you better. Choose a more compassionate and understanding mindset, one of collaboration and empowerment. Try shifting your focus from blame to solutions. It’s not always about who’s right, but what’s best for everyone involved.

Instead of passing judgment, foster understanding and empathy. It’s a journey that could lead to greater fulfillment and harmony in all aspects of life.

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