How to Live Your Best Life

What does the IDEAL “you” look like?



When are you the most badass version of you?



What’s happening when you unleash that awesome side?



When was the last time you experienced the IDEAL you — when you last had a blast or felt truly alive?



It’s time to get back in touch with THAT you.



Silence your inner critic and invite your inner advocate instead.



You want happiness, joy, love and abundance?  



You deserve it.



But, here’s the scoop – wanting it isn’t enough.



You need to decide to go all in pursuing the vibrant, exuberant version of yourself, buried beneath life’s stresses and distractions. Trust me – that version is in there, always has been.



So, what’s the secret sauce to diving into pursuing your dreams with unwavering determination, like my son’s commitment to turning every piece of paper into a paper airplane?



1.     Challenge and rewrite the stories you continue to cling to because they’re comfortable and familiar, but that hinder progress. (“I’m too busy,” “I must prioritize others,” “People won’t like me”). There are likely many more.

2.     Let go of those limiting beliefs that obstruct your radiance. (“I can only make it work if I work my tail off”).

3.     Embrace fear and redefine “failure”. Allowing fear to obstruct your path will only stifle your true potential. And guess what? Not everything will unfold as planned, and not everyone will be your biggest fan. That’s part of the adventure.



The journey doesn’t end here, but let’s begin with these steps. Living your happiest life demands stepping outside your comfort zone.



If you aspire to live a life you’ve never experienced, you must undertake actions you’ve never taken.

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