I Wanted to Hurl My Phone Across the Room

I know something about you. You’re feeling overwhelmed, constantly juggling it all with what feels like diminishing time. The pressure to perform is intense, leaving you wanting a moment of respite, a chance to escape the demands of the world. Despite being a high achiever, doubts creep in. Is this relentless pursuit really worth it? Do you really desire the next rung, or is where you are now good enough?


Maybe it’s time you surrendered. Let me explain.


Lately, I’ve noticed a growing inclination among high achievers towards surrender. Not as a permanent retreat, but as a pause button to recalibrate, to savor the present rather than sprinting towards an uncertain future. Curious as to what else could be.


Last week, I found myself up late wrestling with a website glitch. Despite following instructions meticulously over a period of weeks, the issue persisted. Desperate, I reached out to a knowledgeable friend. After some redundant troubleshooting, the solution emerged.


Sidebar: You know when you have an issue with your computer and you’ve already tried turning it off and on again, it doesn’t fix it, so you call IT and they tell you to turn it off and on again? Your response is like “DUH – already did that!” and they tell you to do it anyways. So you do. And then your computer works? That’s what happened.


With a few back-and-forth texts and me doing THE SAME THINGS I’d already done, my website was miraculously fixed. I wanted to hurl my phone across the room and thank him at the same time. Sometimes, relinquishing control and surrendering is the key to unlocking progress.


Similarly, a client’s stalled business deal found new life when he relinquished his grip on it. Detached involvement, the ability to engage objectively without being consumed by an uncontrollable outcome, played a pivotal role. Detached involvement isn’t detachment from responsibility; it’s about maintaining perspective amidst chaos. Here’s how you can cultivate it:


1)        Recognize your control patterns: Constantly striving for control leads to stress and strain on relationships.

2)        Embrace imperfection: Releasing the pursuit of perfection fosters creativity and productivity.

3)        Trust the process: Accept that outcomes are often beyond our control and may surprise us.

4)        Seek support: Collaboration fosters connection and eases burdens.


So here’s the invitation: experiment with surrender. Release the vice grip on outcomes, if only momentarily. Breathe. You may find that what you’ve been striving for materializes in unexpected ways when you let go.

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