If You Don’t Squeeze Your Glutes, No One Else Will

I’ve previously shared that I love my morning power hour of fitness before I begin my day, oftentimes taking an on-demand Peloton class or two. When I hear instructor Adrian Williams say, “If you don’t squeeze your glutes, no one else will,” I work a little harder and lift a little heavier.

To be clear, I’m not looking for anyone else to squeeze my glutes. Between my husband and two kids, I’m plenty squozed.

But when he says this, I also hear:

When I see myself as “worth it”, others will, too.

When I value myself, others will see my value.

When I walk the talk, others will want to follow.

When I believe in me, others will want to believe in me, too.

If you doubt yourself and you’re not willing to put in the work to move through it, then no matter what anyone else thinks, you’ll still always doubt yourself. No matter what anyone else thinks, you’ll never see yourself as good enough

External validation means nothing if you don’t have internal validation. Your boss, your partner, your team all telling you how wonderful you are is short-lived if you don’t see it yourself.

It starts with you seeing your own worth.

Since how you do one thing is how you do everything, then in everything you do:

Show up.

Put the work in.

Build the muscle.

Get stronger through discomfort (not pain!).


Celebrate changes.


What you think impacts how you feel which impacts how you act – and those things impact your RESULTS.

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