I’m Afraid I’ll Fail – Part 2

Last week, I shared how your mindset impacts how you view challenges, failures and what’s possible. A growth mindset, I explained, allows you to feel fear and still be courageous enough to go after what you want anyways, knowing that each attempt made is a chance to learn and grow. But how do you embrace a growth mindset?


1. Embrace Challenges: You recognize that those with this mindset see challenges as opportunities rather than threats. Stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks. Instead of avoiding difficulties, they actively seek them out to enhance their skills and understanding.


Let’s consider a scenario: imagine you’re faced with a complex project at work. The fixed mindset person might view this as overwhelming. A potential failure. An exposure of their perceived abilities (hello imposter!). On the other hand, someone with a growth mindset sees it as a chance to learn and expand their skill set. The growth mindset individual will likely embrace the challenge. Even if the project doesn’t go perfectly, the experience gained is invaluable.


2.   Persist in the Face of Setbacks: Understand that setbacks and failures are a natural part of the learning process. Instead of giving up when faced with obstacles, use them as opportunities to adapt, learn and improve.


3.  Value Effort and Learning: Introduce the word “yet”. Saying, “I haven’t mastered this skill yet” sparks a belief in ongoing growth. It acknowledges that progress is not only possible but inevitable with persistent effort. On the flip side, a fixed mindset might declare, “I can’t do this,” closing the door on improvement.


Encouraging a growth mindset in those around us (like your kids!), can create a more supportive and collaborative environment. Recognizing effort and perseverance rather than just focusing on achievements reinforces the idea that the process of learning is as important as the outcome.


4.   Seek Feedback and Constructive Criticism: Constructive feedback emphasizing improvement over perfection builds a culture where mistakes are viewed as pathways to mastery.


Regardless of the outcome, the journey is always worth the effort.

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