Let’s Talk About Your Fear of Commitment

A few years ago, I wrote a popular piece about the most driven people in the world. Reflecting on it now, I realize something crucial was missing. Drive alone doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, drive simply isn’t enough.


What differentiates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t?




Commitment is what makes the difference between a willingness to pursue a goal versus the actual pursuit of the goal. It’s often the missing link, the barrier between what you desire and what you achieve.


Hoping isn’t enough. Wanting isn’t enough.


I often observe people straddling two lives, two versions of themselves. They have one foot in the “old” and one foot in the “new”. The “new”, usually what they truly desire but are too afraid to pursue, rarely takes off. Why? Because they’re only half-committed. They’re clinging to the old life “just in case,” which prevents them from fully investing in what they truly want. 


Here’s the thing: commitment requires faith. It demands desire. It necessitates trust that the resources you need will be available to you.


If you’re struggling to get that side hustle off the ground, lose weight, get the promotion, take a vacation, get better sleep, be more patient with your kids, etc., etc., etc., get real honest with yourself about how committed you are.


A colleague recently asked me about the secret to building my business so rapidly and joyfully. My answer was simple: there was no plan B. I wanted this so deeply for myself and for the people I could help that there was no other option.


I was 100% committed.


And it changed my life.


It can change yours, too.


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