Permission Granted

On my desk, there’s a simple piece of paper bearing a profound message: “Permission Granted to Shayna.” 

Now, you might chuckle at the idea that I’d need a written reminder of my own agency. But bear with me for a moment.

Let’s talk about decisions. Not the easy ones, where we already know the drill and what to expect. I’m talking about those murky, uncertain crossroads that make us second-guess ourselves. We seek advice, we debate endlessly, and sometimes, we just stall.

Now think about what getting “permission” to take that action would feel like. 

How would that change how you look at the situation, if you truly gave yourself the power and authority and choice to act, on your own?  

I’ll give you one small personal example — my decision to see Harry Styles perform overseas. Logically, it seemed absurd—travel logistics, expenses, the whole shebang. But then I looked at my “permission slip” and reminded myself: I had the authority and agency to make this decision. I didn’t need someone else or something else to give me that permission.

Now, think about your own life. What are you waiting for permission to do? Maybe it’s asking for that much-needed break from work, not because you’re jetting off on vacation or battling a flu, but simply because you need time for yourself. Maybe it’s throwing your hat in the ring for a new opportunity that feels scary or uncomfortable, but part of you knows you could probably slay it. Maybe it’s taking yourself out to dinner and a movie because you need a break – from everyone and everything.

Stop holding out for someone else to greenlight your own choices. Grant yourself permission. Embrace the freedom to pursue what you desire.

So, here’s the bottom line: Stop waiting for someONE else or someTHING else to hand you a permission slip. Write it out yourself, sign it with conviction, and seize the reins of your own journey.

Discovery Call

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