The Glass Half Full (of shit)

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Welcome to what I affectionately call the “#blessed generation” – yes, you’re a part of it.

You are grateful for the health of yourself and your loved ones, the comfort of your home, the joy of your children or furry companions, and the solidity of your relationships. In a world where many struggle to secure employment, you find solace and appreciation in having a job.

Remember the age-old question about whether one’s glass is half full or half empty? Well, yours? Could be half… full of shit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the parts of your life where you feel genuine appreciation or where you truly count your blessings.

What I am talking about are the stories we often tell ourselves about things in our life that are “good enough”. This way of thinking keeps you confined. It shackles your true aspirations and ambitions.

Many of my clients feel guilty desiring more from their personal and professional lives. They carry shame for not deeming their current circumstances “enough”.


You can bask in gratitude for your blessings AND have grand dreams and aspirations. There’s no need for guilt.

For those who’ve spoken with me and have shared your desires aloud, you have stirred tears, feeling that you were revealing aspirations too grand, too thrilling, or seemingly too distant. But by vocalizing them, you took the pivotal first step towards acknowledging that your life holds more promise than your present circumstances suggest.

Maybe work feels like a slog. Perhaps everything is going well but you’re tired and desperate for a change. Or maybe a minor, isolating incident feels like the cosmic pause button you’ve longed for.

Whatever the catalyst, refuse to settle for a half-filled glass of shit. YOU DESERVE MORE. YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE.

I can’t wait to help you fill your glass to the brim with the elixir of your choosing, so your personal and professional life exudes sweetness, satisfaction, and quenches your deepest thirsts.

What are you waiting for?

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