The Impact of One Call

Something profoundly moving happened this week. It resonated deeply with my core beliefs and the essence of why I’m dedicated to this work.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the ripple effect—the idea that one person’s actions (however big or small) can reverberate, touching families, neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately, the world.

So, here’s what happened.

It started with a conversation.  A stranger in need reached out to me. She found herself in a low point after an unexpected layoff and she needed coaching.

I offered my assistance. (By the way, this is precisely how my discovery calls operate—we connect, I coach, and we learn about each other.)

In our conversation, we discussed what kind of role she was looking for, but more importantly, how she saw herself and what she was capable of. We talked about some steps she was willing to take to get into action rather than being paralyzed by her job loss. We discussed how to let it be fuel on the fire she had inside her as a smart mom wanting to provide for her family. Additionally, our conversation was marked by tears and vulnerability, and she candidly expressed her financial concerns.

Her ability to compensate me for my time was inconsequential; I was simply glad to extend a helping hand.

In an incredible turn of events, within days, she received an exciting job offer, attributing it to the insights gained from our conversation. Her heartfelt gratitude poured forth in an email, along with an offer of payment for our hour spent together, which I declined. However, I did accept her offer to donate to a charity of my choice. Little did I expect the profound impact her gesture would have.

Today, I received a note from the Ronald McDonald House, a place close to my heart, confirming her donation. Her generosity will touch the lives of countless families facing adversity—a poignant reminder of the unexpected ways in which our actions can make a difference.

Life has a remarkable way of unfolding, often exceeding our expectations in its profoundness. The impact we make, knowingly and unknowingly, stretches far beyond our immediate awareness. So, I urge you to consider: How are you showing up in the world? Whose lives are you impacting, both consciously and inadvertently? Let us all strive to be agents of positive change, contributing to the collective ripple effect that makes our world a better place.

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