The Massive Shift That Changed My Life (Part 3)

Continued from Part 1

…and Part 2


In my first year of business on my own, I’ve enjoyed:


400+ Hours of Coaching

44 Blog Posts

34 Clients­­­­­

23 Energy Leadership Index Assessments (ELI)

8 Podcasts

Speaking Gigs

3 Personal Coaches

2 Harry Styles Concerts (I had to sneak that one in!)

1 40 Under 40 Award

And the metrics go on…


…but that’s not how I define my worth or my value.


Here’s what’s REALLY driving me!


I wake up bizarrely excited most days. I take time to move my body in ways that fuel me almost every day. I’m more present with my family than I’ve ever been, both in quantity and quality. Vacations are no longer an escape from my life, but rather an enhancement to my life. I take my 20-minute naps daily to boost my energy in the afternoon. I’ve learned how to manage my mind more than ever before. I spend more time outside. I’ve become less afraid, more courageous and much bolder.  I’m authentically me at work, in a way I never felt before. I still work late, but it’s because I want to, not because I have to. I go to bed exhausted, but it feels different than before because I’m now fully living my life every day, rather than pushing through it to get to the next day.


Here’s what I’ve seen my clients achieve:


       Learning how to uncover what really mattered so that they felt peace at work and at home instead of feeling completely overwhelmed with navigating the pressures of family and career.


       Speaking secret dreams into existence and bringing more joy (and often money!) to their lives personally and professionally – from leaving expiring businesses and relationships, to launching and scaling new businesses, finding new love, and even publishing books!


       Transforming careers that were no longer gratifying to them into careers that make them feel fulfilled, fueling their growth and feeding their soul to better show up for their family.


       Having difficult conversations with challenging bosses, while learning to quiet their inner critics, speak their minds, deeply listen, and ask for what they deserve – resulting in healthier and more open communications, pay increases and promotions.


       Learning that nothing and no one is perfect, and yet everything is perfect just as it is. There’s no perfect job. There’s no perfect family. There’s no perfect life. Accepting that has created space to breathe without so much pressure.


Y’all (as my southern roots come forth) – I LIVE FOR THIS. I GET TO DO THIS EVERY DAY!


And these are just a few of the transformations I’ve witnessed for clients who choose themselves and coaching. I’m often told that this investment has a much greater impact than what they initially expected.


I’m opening one more spot for private coaching with me starting in two weeks.  Are you interested or know someone who is? Sign up for a discovery call (free!) to learn more about what it’s like to work with me, and how I can help you focus your goals and dreams. It’s a no pressure call – I promise! Sign up below. Stop waiting and hoping. Take action and watch what happens.


Thanks for following this 1st year with me. I hope it’s inspired you a little bit. I believe so deeply in this work because it’s changed my life (and my life was already pretty darn good!). I know it can change yours, too.

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