The Pleasure of the “Aha” Face

You know the concept of the “O” face, a term often associated with pleasure and climax. Before you deem this post NSFW, hang with me.


Coaching has an equivalent (SFW version), known as the “Aha” face, signifying a climax of self-discovery and understanding.


No casual fling, it may even represent a life-changing realization. Oftentimes, the “aha” moment is an intense realization when the fog lifts, and the path ahead becomes clearer. These eureka moments are enlightening. Whether the moment is small or soul-rocking, a new concept is understood, a problem is suddenly solved, and a lightbulb seems to switch on in the mind.


After an “aha” moment, a client often feels a sense of relief, release and sometimes exhaustion. And they want more.


As a coach, I am trained to help my clients achieve profound transformative realizations along their coaching journey by creating a safe, judgment-free and supportive environment. Dreams are unlocked. Obstacles moved aside. We embrace more of what they really want.


What’s it like to be on the brink of the “aha” face?


1.     Your gaze deepens as it discovers newfound truths. Excitement builds. Anticipation rises.

2.     A grin emerges, the pleasure of discovery.

3.     The body responds as you sit up straighter or slump back in your chair, signifying a sense of relief, a realization, or a shift in perspective.

4.     You might say “I’ve got it!” or “That feels right” or “That makes so much sense!” (My own coach has shared I just say “yes…yes….yeah….yes….yep…”). For me, it’s like something that seemed out of alignment suddenly clicks and I see the way forward.

5.     Energy changes, as you become more motivated and inspired by the breakthrough. You can feel growth and change.


“Aha” moments help refine meaningful goals, developing a clear vision for the future. And the best part about them is that they last well beyond the coaching session.

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