To Dream Big, Start Small

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  John Maxwell

I know you have dreams. Big ones. We all dream. And whether you realize it or not, you (and your dreams) probably fall into one of two categories:

  1. You have no idea what your dreams are because you’ve never taken the time to think about what you really want out of your life.

If this describes you, you’re normal. You see your path as predetermined, and you’re just a mere player in the game of life. Like a puppet, someone else is pulling the strings and you’re just raising and lowering your arm when you’re told.

Dreaming may seem like a pointless exercise because life is happening to you and not for you.

Or, maybe you’re so busy with your day-to-day that you’ve chosen not to spend time (or in your mind, waste time) thinking about your dreams. What’s the point? It doesn’t impact what you’re doing right now.

So, you find reasons not to dream: It would cost too much money, there’s not enough time, it’s too big of a commitment. And you may even think to yourself “I’m not good enough”, so what’s the point?

The result? You’re putting off the very thing that is *actually* most important to you.


  1. You know what your dreams are and you often daydream about them. Maybe you even have goals related to them. Or maybe you think of them as “pipedreams” – those goals that seem totally unattainable but are fun to daydream about anyways.

If this sounds more like you, you’re also normal. It’s can be fun to dream about another life! Yours is fine, maybe it’s even great or you feel “hashtagblessed” because silver linings can be found everywhere.

So, you’ll just dream and see what happens when you occasionally put some focus and commitment behind what you really want, and then you’ll forget about it for a while.

When you have the resources (time/money/brainpower) and the stars all align, you’ll do a little more to work towards your dream. But really, you know it probably won’t happen – so you’ll just hope and wish for now. Luck can happen to anyone, right?


Guess what? 

You have another option.


You can be the person who knows your dreams and makes certain that Every.Single.Day. you are doing something to get yourself one step closer to reaching those dreams.

You can put yourself into a virtuous cycle where the mere act of progressing gives you a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and movement. You actually enjoy the process of contributing to that dream because you have something purposeful you’re working towards. When you go to bed at night, you can honestly look back at your day and know that your dream is one day closer to your reality.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

The reason you see your dreams as unattainable is because most of us are biologically hard-wired to make choices to keep us safe and not use too many resources (time/money/brainpower). Because of this, you have created stories that you genuinely believe prevent you from reaching your dreams, and so you don’t. You feel like your life is totally “fine,” and yet, fear is actually what has been driving your decision-making.

I’m also not saying that overcoming these habits is always as hard as we make it out to be in our heads. What I am saying is that focused micro-steps every single day WILL lead you closer to your dream.

You have to believe that you deserve your dream. You have to invest in yourself every single day. You have to believe you’re worth it.

The alternative? 

Wishing and hoping – which is like playing the lottery. You might get lucky, but you’ll probably just end up spending a lot of time in gas stations giving them your money (no judgment here – you do you!).

So let me ask you this: 

What can you do every single day to work towards your dream?

I’d love to hear from you about your dream. I mean it! What is your dream that maybe you’ve shared or maybe you’ve never told anybody, not even said it out loud?

And for those of you who are dreamers taking steps every day to change your life, keep going. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

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