What happens in Vegas…

This week, I’m back in Vegas! This time, however, it’s much less work and much more pleasure (although let’s be honest – I LOVE what I do and work and play are completely intertwined for me now. I’m living my dream life!).

Last night, my husband and I spent time at the casino. We played a bit, and then we watched others engage in various games. Some won. Some lost. Some placed smart bets. Others didn’t.

In many ways, life is a lot like a casino. We place bets every day, hoping to win big. But too often, we hand over the power to someone else. We let the dealer control the odds, even though we know that ultimately, the house always wins.

Think about the raise you’d like but haven’t asked for, the promotion you’ve been eyeing but haven’t pursued, the project you want to lead but hesitate to mention, the week off you desperately need but won’t take.

Betting on yourself means you’re ready to put it all on the line. It means you believe so deeply in what you have to offer that you’re game to take risks. It means accepting that you’ll win some. You’ll lose some. But at the very least, you’re willing to play the game.

Not asking, not sharing, not stepping up – this is how the house wins. If you want to win, you have to get in the game, play it and bet on yourself.

How often do you truly bet on yourself?

Where can you place a bet on yourself right now?

Here’s what I’ve learned in Vegas that resonates (and there’s plenty that doesn’t resonate, too!):

1.        Stay in the game. Others will keep playing even if you don’t.

2.        Winning big doesn’t happen quickly. It takes patience and a willingness to invest.

3.        Just because you don’t know it all doesn’t mean you’ll lose. Sometimes, taking a chance is all it      takes.

4.        Know when to toss in, but only after you’ve really played the game. Don’t quit prematurely.

5.        Shuffling is necessary. It’s ok to mix it up every once in a while.

As leaders, parents, and professionals, the biggest wins come when you bet on yourself. 

So, what’s your next move? Are you ready to place your bet?

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