You Are Amazing!

How are you limiting yourself?


Really – take a minute and jot down the answer to this question.


       Maybe you’re afraid people will think you’re “too much”.

       Or you don’t want to make someone else look or feel badly.

       Or you second guess asking for more.

       Or you’re afraid of change or risk.

       The list goes on..


I think you’re amazing. I really do! I know that you are made for more.


We all are.


Think about how much untapped potential there is out there. How many people aren’t letting their gifts fully shine because they don’t think they can or they don’t know how. Just imagine.


Now… can I tell you something that I know is holding you back?


A piece of you has forgotten who you are or who you were meant to be.


Instead, you’re waiting for someone else to give you permission to fully be you. To shine your light.


How is that serving you? Or limiting you?


Here’s the thing. You can only be intentional about what you’re aware of.


Awareness comes first.

Next comes acceptance.

And then? ACTION.


If you want to access your potential, or you know you’ve got more in there, or you know there’s more to life than trying to get to the next day while running on your hamster wheel — then, WTF are you waiting for?


What stories are you telling yourself to convince yourself you shouldn’t invest in YOU?

That it costs too much? It’s not the right time? You don’t have any space in your schedule?


I’ve heard every excuse. I’ve seen so many hope that doing the same things they’ve always done won’t lead them back to where they’ve always been.


Don’t let that be you. What are you waiting for? I know you’re amazing. Let me show you.

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