You Are Not Your Shitty Thoughts

“I’m the worst.”

“Why would anyone want to work with me?”

“I don’t believe in myself.”

“I’m never good enough.”

What are your shitty thoughts?

Imagine saying those to your best friend. Or your partner. Or your child.

“You’re the worst.”

“Why would anyone want to work with you?”

“I don’t believe in you.”

“You’re never good enough.”

Ouch. And yet, we say this type of stuff to ourselves all the time. And it makes us feel like shit. And then we go about our lives with this type of shit energy.

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

And now the hard truth. EVERYTHING follows from your relationship to yourself.

Stop creating your own traffic jam in your personal and professional life. Stop creating roadblocks for yourself assuming somebody else will create one anyways.

For example, my clients often tell me they want to be paid more. In some cases, their paycheck is dependent on someone else who decides how much to pay them. They know all the important reasons why they should be paid more, but can you guess who they hesitate to share these reasons with? The people who control their paychecks. They’re creating their own roadblocks with self-induced fear, guilt, self-worth, and shit thoughts.

Rather than assume a raise isn’t in the cards, assume that it IS. Bet on yourself. Let them say no to you. Don’t say no to yourself. Be gone, shitty thoughts!

Coaching my clients on this concept takes time. It takes patience. It takes vulnerability. It’s also one of the biggest “OH SHIT!” transformations they go through. It impacts EVERYTHING you do.

I know you’re not your shitty thoughts. It’s time to believe in yourself.

Discovery Call

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