You Only Need 2 Things to Succeed in 2024

It’s a new year, and I’ve been bombarded by tips and tricks for a successful 2024.


I’ve seen – choose a word of the year rather than setting a goal!


I tried that last year. My word was “play” and I went all in on it.  I had it plastered on my phone, on my computer and at my desk. It was helpful, but it didn’t challenge my growth.


I’ve also seen – make a ‘stop doing/start doing’ list!


That’s where you make columns of things you’re going to stop doing in the new year and other things you’ll start doing. I like the sentiment, but in my view, lists are things you write on the back of scrap paper and check off on a regular basis – not meaningful dreams you set for yourself over a period of time.  


Both ‘the word’ and ‘the list’ are decent places to start, but as you look ahead to a new year with new possibilities, I want to remind you that YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE.


So, pick 2 things that feel big, scary and uncomfortable, and make your heart race a little because they excite you. Take baby steps regularly that get you closer to those dreams.  


Two things. That’s it. Two things to focus your mind on every single day. Two things that seem too hard, and you move toward them anyways.


So, here’s my challenge for you:


What are your two things that would make you look back on 2024 and say “WOW! I didn’t think I could! But I did!”!


I’d love to know! Send them my way and I’ll be your cheerleader for those things throughout the year.

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