Your Unlimited Potential: A Pep Talk

My high school guidance counselor once categorized certain colleges as “stretch schools” for me.  It seemed like an innocuous, even pragmatic, piece of guidance at the time. But looking back on it, I’ve noticed that moments like those fit a pattern for me. Maybe for you, too. It was someone in my life placing limits on me and guiding me away from thinking big or exploring alternative paths.

Sometimes those limits are well-intended and practical. But sometimes, they’re not. They’re projections. Myths. And you believe them anyway.

What limits from others have you adopted as your own?  

What if the messages we received from others, and ourselves, was “pursue what you want and see what happens!”.

I have a client whose past is marred by systemic oppression and personal pain. His self-perception, shaped by external reflections, stifled his actions. But he’s embracing new beliefs of self-worth and healing, transcending limits despite the realities.

When he steps into those beliefs, he feels hopeful, limitless and free. It allows him to try new things. Scary things, even. Hard things.

He’s stepping into a new version of himself, despite what others told him he couldn’t do.

How might you, as a leader, at home or at work, be inadvertently imposing your limits on those around you?

Our backgrounds and experiences may impose limitations, but our behaviors often reinforce them.

Don’t play small.

Had I heeded every false message about my capabilities, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Believe in your potential, despite what others say.

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