Progress Not Perfection

It’s the end of March. We’re already a quarter of the way through the year.


How are you progressing toward your 2023 goals? Did you drop the ball already? If you did, you’re not alone. It takes 32 days for the average person to give up on their new year’s resolutions.


To be perfectly honest, I’ve had some setbacks on one of my goals. I’ve made excuses, too. I’ve been “too busy” (ironic since one of my goals is supposed to help me better manage my time!). 


To my clients – I’m just like you and you can rag on me next time we connect.


But the truth is, I don’t feel badly about it. You don’t need to either.


I’m committing to trying again because I know I can do it. So can you!


Here’s the thing with goals. They’re supposed to move you forward, but sometimes, yes, sometimes they can hold you back.


Goals are aspirational. That’s their purpose. But too often we view them through a lens of “expectation”. And if we don’t meet that expectation, we’ve “failed”. We feel bad. We feel shame. We feel guilt.


It’s time to shift your mindset. To recognize that the point of a goal — and life! — is not to reach some finished end state of perfection. It’s progress. 


Progress over perfection.


And guess what. Your “finish line” should be constantly moving. Because things change. Growth happens. Life happens.  

I’m not suggesting that we should dismiss goal-setting. But I am suggesting that we honor what goals really are – a stretch beyond what’s easy and comfortable, beyond the baseline.


So – take a beat.


Be grateful for the journey you are on, and the progress you have made. Now, it’s time to strive higher, stretch further and challenge yourself because you’re capable of it. But let’s do it in the name of discovery, exploration, testing limits and living large rather than feeling failure if we don’t summit Goal Mountain.


Because if you don’t hit your goal but you truly tried (no bullshit excuses!), then you’ve made progress. You’ve already surpassed expectations, you learned, and you can try again.


This week, revisit your 2023 goals. Toss the excuses out the door. Pat yourself on the back for being your amazing self every day… and recognize where you have more to give.  With relentless commitment, it’s time to go all in again. Need someone by your side to help? Let’s talk.

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