A few months ago, a CEO asked to me partner with his company to help coach some of their clients, and I excitedly agreed. But then, the company made a decision that negatively impacted my business in a way that neither of us had anticipated.


I felt helpless.

And then…

Well… to understand what happened next, we must take a small detour to something I alluded to in a podcast last week – the Energetic Leadership Index Assessment (ELI). It’s a powerful tool I use often with clients because it can help them get inspired with fresh ideas to transform their personal and professional lives. It’s based on 7 levels of performance/energy. Lower levels tend to occupy spaces of conflict and victimhood; higher levels lead to more satisfaction and fulfillment.

Okay. Now back to me, sitting at my desk, feeling pissed and helpless. Watch what happens to me, without me even realizing.

My first thought was one we’ve probably all experienced at one time or another when faced with a setback: “Are you kidding me? Why did this happen? There’s no way to fix this”. (Right out of the gate I’m at Level 1 energy: Victim, helpless, defeated)

I stew a bit. Then I think: “I’m going to send them an email telling them that they messed up and they’d better fix it right now.” (Level 2: There’s a path forward, but it’s full of blame and conflict)

I stew some more. “I guess it’s not so bad. I can probably just live with it even though I’m not thrilled.” (Welcome to Level 3: Tolerating energy. I was rationalizing)

Then… “They probably didn’t mean to do it. Maybe they’re still figuring some things out. They probably have so much going on. Maybe I can help them figure this out”. (Level 4: Compassion and service)

Then… I was stuck. I couldn’t go any further. I vented to my husband, which made me feel a little better.

And then I started to laugh. HARD. I realized I was having the most meta experience because I was experiencing the exact same shifts in energy that I teach my clients about. I was a textbook study!

Once I figured that out, it didn’t take very long to shift my energy level higher (consciously this time) and come to a solution that ended up being a true win/win scenario for both me and his company!

Had I not been aware of the ELI tool and my particular blend of energies, I’m not sure I would have come to this resolution at all, let alone as quickly as I did.

The ELI is a powerful tool that can be applied in ways big and small: from solving a vexing problem (like my story above) to reshaping your worldview and transforming your life into the ideal one you envision.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me a note! I do this assessment for my clients, I do it for teams, and I can do it as a one-off standalone session as well.

And I know it can work… from personal experience.

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